A wonder of nature

The Nerja caves are a set of prehistoric caves located about 5 km east of the center of Nerja and are one of the most important tourist attractions in Costa del Sol.

Las Cuevas de Nerja - HotelesNerja.com

Discovered by chance in 1959 by a group of young people who were looking for a place to have a barbecue. Since then, several archaeological excavations have been carried out in the caves, which have revealed remains of artifacts and cave paintings dating back more than 20,000 years.

Las Cuevas de Nerja - HotelesNerja.com

The Nerja caves are a natural wonder that offers a unique spectacle. They are made up of five main spaces, each of which has unique characteristics and geological formations. The Room of Births is known for its stalactites and stalagmites, while the Room of Helmets is famous for its calcite formations. The Hall of Columns is the largest of all and is known for its impressive columns over 20 meters high.

Las Cuevas de Nerja - HotelesNerja.com

The Nerja caves are an essential place to visit during a trip to this region of Andalusia. The caves can be visited every day of the year except December 25, and guided tours are available in multiple languages.

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